The Reality Of Trump

As I see people continuing to tweet their outrage about Trump on Twitter it’s occurred to me that so many of them don’t really get what’s going on. Donald Trump is never going to leave office. It’s simply not going to happen. He knows that the minute he leaves that it will expose him to criminal prosecution and he’s not going to let that happen. The sad reality is that we might already be too late to prevent this. We are already seeing a number of stories about the problems with voting machines. He’s simply going to rig it. Simply make up numbers just like Facebook and all of the other websites. How would we even now? That’s the problem with all of this is that there truly is no checks and balances anymore and he knows it. Additionally; he has so many amoral people around him that are profiting from it that no one‘s going to stop him at least nobody on his team. All of the outrage and all of the tweets isn’t going to fix it either. I don’t know what will happen, but I honestly believe that Donald Trump will be our next president unless a group of people step up and expose what is going on and what will go on.

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