The Best Blog Ever

The greatest blog ever was “charteuse beta”. That was the title. It was about culture and media and art. It was a community of people who read and then commented on this guy’s site. It was the beginning of blogging really. Dave Winer who in my opinion invented the single most important technology for the web, rss was trying to convince people it was the future. RSS stood for really simple syndication. Dave gave it away for free. It was perhaps the biggest financial mistake in tech history. If you had a blog you were now able to give people a way to know when you published. Every major content publisher and news app uses it in some way. You had to somehow get them to your blog first. In those days it was a smaller web and you just found cool smart blogs. Then came social media. It was awesome to link back and drive traffic to YOUR blog. Then the blog didn’t even matter, just the tweets. Steve Gilmore would always tease him with the line “rss is dead.”

Anyway, back in the goddamn day (HT Pontin) blogging did have potential and Winer was right. In the pollution of social media it’s next to impossible to find cool cats. The thinkers. Just normal fucking people who can think. Chartreuse was a good blog for that. He was a phenomenal writer, really up on culture and was just all around sharp. What he was really great at was his use of images. He would insert one or two and they were either obvious yet not cliche’d, or you had to think about why he was using them and how they were connected. It got me thinking. I got a blog. I can say something if I feel the need to. Blogs used to be a good idea. I think they still are. The problem is nobody writes anymore. It’s a tweet, pic or video. That’s a shame because Winer was an idealist. He really believed in the power of an equally distributed press.

Which brings us to me. I’m not the press. I’m a video guy with a blog. Which I think I should use use again. I’m going to post thoughts, and links to important stories I find interesting. I’ll spit it all out automatically to social media. Additionally; if you sign up for my newsletter you can receive an email once a week with links.