UPDATED – My Statement On My Film Silenced

UPDATE: Upon further consideration I have decided to fight this issue and have retained Donald Burris of the firm Burris, Schoenberg & Walden to represent me in this matter.

I have been contacted by YouTube that Mike Cernovich has requested that “Silenced” be taken off YouTube due to copyright infringement. This is ludicrous and false.

I am Silenced. I wrote it, secured the cast, directed it, shot it, and edited it. Mike ran the kickstarter and paypal donations. Period.

I didn’t make Silenced for the money. I made it for the historical record. To show what we’ve become. If I had bothered googling Mike beforehand, frankly I never would have made the film.

In any case the film was completed and I’m very proud of it. Those involved know the truth as to the circumstances of the film. No talent signed a release, in fact nobody including myself signed anything. They participated due to my good word that they would be in a film with integrity. I’d like to think I fulfilled my promise.

Rather than deal with the negativity and darkness that surrounds Cernovich constantly, I will not fight this unless of course he chooses to escalate this issue further. I have plenty of lawyers. I don’t care about the profits though. I just wanted the film to be seen.

I sincerely apologize to the cast, patrons, and supporters of the film. Please forgive me.  It is my understanding that my film is being recut. I have no idea how this will turn out and cannot control how the talent will be represented in this new version. I’m sorry if you feel duped. This is heart breaking to me and I am very sorry for this. If you were talent in the film and would like more details please feel free to contact me.

In the mean time on to bigger and better things.

You can watch the film here on Amazon.

You can watch puppet shows here.