Loren Feldman

Loren Feldman 

Loren Feldman is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. He is considered a pioneer in web based video having started making and sharing videos in 2003 two years before YouTube was founded. He was initially known as a tech and cultural commentator with videos featured in the New York Times, Techcrunch, Cnet, mashable and most every major media outlet. He was a featured video blogger at the Huffington Post. He produced videos for early podcast company PodTech. He was hired by Cnet for one day who then decided he was too controversial.

In 2013 Feldman moved to longform video, documentaries, and films and has Produced, Written and Directed;

2013 - #some
2015 - Shel
2015 - American Milo
2016 - Silenced
2017 - CYNN
2020 - Surfer

In 2021 Loren reapproached his work and what it means to him. He has pulled his previous work from all public channels and is creating new work in multiple mediums with a new perspective.

“I find it liberating and freeing to create new work uncensored and connect with a single collector at any price rather than chasing millions of eyeballs worth nothing. I want to connect with one person whom I make think and smile. If they want to keep it for themselves, share it, sell it, whatever, that’s on them.”