I'm Loren Feldman. I make films, shorts, and web videos. Most of the videos are free. You can subscribe to watch them all.

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Shel - A film about a puppet.


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Films and Shorts
Shel - A film about friendship.
American Milo - A documentary
CYNN- A show about the news.

Vincent Caprese - (Subscribers)
Country Living - Country life.
Disrupt Happiness - Self-help videos.
Healthy Internet Life - Self-help videos.
Archives - Fun videos from past years.

- The original puppet.
Mark Zuckerberg - An excellent driver.
Steve Ballmer - Steve screams a lot.
Kanye West - (Subscribers)
Ben Shapiro 
- (Subscribers)
- (Subscribers)
Tech Puppets - Tech industry dopes.

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