I'm Loren Feldman. I am an independent filmmaker who lives in Ventura County, California. I make films, shorts, and web videos. Lot's of them. I used to use puppets, but I'm trying to avoid that these days. My current project is a film titled "Ventura".

Almost all web video archives are free except a few and more current ones which are for subscribers only. Considering today's climate on artists, some of the characters and jokes are better left to people who want to pay to see it. You can find them on my Vimeo page.

Latest Videos

Latest Videos.

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Films and Shorts
Shel - A film about friendship.
American Milo - A documentary
CYNN- A show about the news.
Ventura - Behinds the scenes.
Commercial Work - Work for clients.

Subscriber Videos - (Subscribers Only)
Vincent Caprese - (Subscribers Only)
Country Living - Country life.
Disrupt Happiness - Self-help videos.
Healthy Internet Life - Self-help videos.
Archives - Assorted fun videos from past years.

- The original puppet.
Mark Zuckerberg - He's an excellent driver.
Steve Ballmer - Steve screams a lot.
Kanye West - (Subscribers Only)
Ben Shapiro - (Subscribers Only)
Shanley - (Subscribers Only)

Tech Puppets - Assorted idiots from the the tech industry.


Trailer for "Ventura"


CYNN is a show about a modern news network.


A film about a puppet and his best friend.

American Milo

A documentary about Milo.